Exploring LCD Polarizer film: Origins, Concepts, Structures, and Future Trends

Origin of LCD Polarizer film Polarizer film were born in 1938, invented and industrially produced by Edwin H. Land of Polaroid (USA). Concept of LCD Polarizer film A LCD Polarizer film is a sheet of optical functional material that generates and detects polarized light, and is a key component that affects the display effect of […]

how to attach a TV polarizing filter

A TV polarizing filter is a special type of filter that can help improve the viewing experience of your television. It works by reducing glare and enhancing color contrast, making images on the screen appear clearer and more vibrant. Here’s how to use a TV polarizing filter:

The introduction of Light guide plate

The light guide plate is made of transparent material, usually acrylic. Their thickness is usually 2.5mm; 3mm; 4mm; 6mm; 8mm mm, and can be customized according to different application needs. There will be laser dots on the surface of the light guide plate to better reflect and diffuse light. When in use, light sources (such as LEDs) are installed on the edge of the light guide plate to produce uniform light on the entire plate surface through reflection and diffusion.

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