Laptop Polarizer Film

Are you looking for professional laptop polarizer film manufacturer and factory ? we supply IPS and TV type material ,the thickness can be 0.13mm;0.16mm, providing customized size as per your requirement .

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Product Introduction

Laptop Polarizer Film is an indispensable device for electronic display, it is a kind of artificial diaphragm, which has the performance of selective absorption of light in different vibration directions, thus there is a special direction in the diaphragm, when a beam of natural light is shot to the diaphragm, the light component vibrating parallel to this direction is completely absorbed, and only the light component vibrating perpendicular to the direction is allowed to pass through, i.e., it only allows light to pass through along a specific vibration direction of the optical device, which is called Polarizer film .

Product Parameter

laptop polarizer film
Display Size
13.3inch;14inch;15.6inch;24inch and etc
Supplier Type
polarizer film for laptop
Place of Origin
Model Number
0/45/90/135 degree
Brand Name
all brands
product name
lcd tv polarizer film
12-85 inch for all brands
0/45/90/135 degree
surface finish
glossy Matte
front back lcd
computer /laptop monitor

Working Principle of the Polarizer film

The main function of laptop polarizer film is to transform unpolarized light into polarized light, because of the unique polarization characteristics of polarizer, which determines its vital role in the panel industry.
When the absorption axis of the upper and lower polarizers are perpendicular to each other, if no voltage is applied, the light can pass through, showing a bright state. When a voltage is applied, the light is completely blocked and the panel appears in a dark state. The principle of the panel’s light and dark states emerges from this. Therefore, laptop polarizer film occupies an important role in the panel industry such as cell phone, TV, car display and so on.

Polarizer film Application:

Widely used, display panel is the main application scene. Polarizer sheet is widely used in consumer and industrial control electronic display panels, such as cell phones, computers, LCD TVs, automotive electronics, medical equipment and instrumentation, etc. Other applications include sunglasses, anti-glare goggles, filters for photographic equipment, and light quantity controllers.

LCD polarizer film application



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