PC light diffusion panels! Showing the “stage” charm of advertising light box applications~

As early as the end of the twentieth century, the concept of light diffusion panel class material architecture has been mentioned ~ that is a kind of material to add a touch of “magic” to the building, concentrating light → scattering the light → scattering the charm …… And PC light diffusion panel, is added to the ordinary PC board a special process processing, to achieve a new type of optical material of uniform surface light lighting! With excellent light diffusion, light transmission rate and good UV stability, etc., it is widely used in the LED industry.

light diffusion panel

The diffusion effect of PC is closely related to the content and composition of the diffusion particles. The more diffusion particles are present, the lower the light transmission and the higher the haze, thus it can be seen that the light transmission and haze of a light diffusion panel are inversely proportional to each other, i.e. the two cannot be combined. Through 20 years of research, development and innovation of diffusion master batches, the diffusion panel surface structure and diffusion master batches are adjusted to achieve the best possible diffusion uniformity.

Ordinary PC diffusion board light transmission rate can reach 80% or more, advertising light box after the use of PC diffusion board, the light inside the light box through the diffusion of the diffusion board, so that the entire light box can be evenly covered with light, will not produce dark areas in the corners, and PC diffusion board will not leave a shadow on the picture on the light box, to ensure that the light box in the light of the illumination can reach a fine high gorgeous standard.


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