The introduction of Light guide plate

Light guide plate is a technology widely used in lighting and backlight display modules. Its basic principle is to transmit light along a specific path so that it is evenly distributed on the board. This technology is often used in backlight modules, LCD screens, billboards, and other occasions that require balanced lighting.

The light guide plate is made of transparent material, usually acrylic. Their thickness is usually 2.5mm; 3mm; 4mm; 6mm; 8mm mm, and can be customized according to different application needs. There will be laser dots on the surface of the light guide plate to better reflect and diffuse light. When in use, light sources (such as LEDs) are installed on the edge of the light guide plate to produce uniform light on the entire plate surface through reflection and diffusion.

The light guide plate can also achieve different lighting effects through different design and manufacturing techniques. For example, some light guide plates can achieve a more uniform lighting effect through a slightly curved design, while others can achieve a stronger reflection and diffusion effect through the addition of particles.

In general, the light guide plate is an efficient lighting technology with broad application prospects. It can provide uniform, bright, high-quality light for a variety of different lighting and display devices, thereby enhancing user experience and improving device reliability and usability.


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